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How to Pamper Yourself at Home (On a Budget!)

April 15, 2020

During a global pandemic, it’s difficult to accept that things are out of your control.

You’re being advised against doing activities that you enjoy, such as travelling abroad and spending time with friends and family.

However, what you can control is how you’re looking after yourself and seeing yourself through these unprecedented times.

Whether you’ve got already got some self care ideas down or you’re seriously in need of some inspiration, here’s how to pamper yourself at home so you can look and feel fabulous, no matter what’s going on outside your door.

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

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1. Wash Your Hair 

How to pamper yourself at home 101: get that hurr clean.

I know it sounds simple, but it’s amazing just how much a good shampoo and conditioner can take you from a greasy to golden goddess in a heartbeat.

You could even treat especially dry tresses to a bit of nourishment with a hair mask, such as The Body Shop’s Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Mask. Not only does product this smell amazing, but it leaves your locks feeling smooth and looking shiny.

Did someone say “new woman”?

2. Put On Some Relaxing Music 

There’s no better way to create your own spa in your home than putting on some soothing music.

After all, studies show that calming sounds have the power to ease stress and anxiety.

Why? Well, the slower tempo can simultaneously quiet your mind while relaxing your muscles. Win-win.

3. Take a Long, Warm Bubble Bath 

One of my old favourites in terms of how to pamper yourself at home is taking a long, warm bath (with tons of bubbles!).

And do you know what’s even better than that? If you have reading material and lit candles surrounding you, then it’s tempting to spend an entire evening in there.

Trust me, I love to turn myself into a wrinkled prune almost every night of the week!

Self Care Ideas

4. Groom Yourself

If you’re feeling rather “bleurgh” and want a quick fix, get out your razor/waxing strips/tweezers and prepare to shave/wax/pluck yourself to perfection.

Even if you’ve got nowhere to be, grooming maintenance is an essential part of womanhood. Therefore, taking some time to transform yourself into a baby seal somehow makes you feel better if you’re having a bad day.

I can’t exactly explain it, but it just works. Try it.

5. Wear Your Comfiest Clothes 

There’s nothing better than throwing on your comfiest clothes, pyjamas or onesie after you’ve had a long, warm bubble bath and finished grooming yourself.

It’s like receiving a warm hug from a loved one, even if you’re alone in the house. 

At the moment, I’m having a loungewear love affair (teamed with fluffy socks, of course). And I’m not even sorry.

6. Light Candles

If you want to create a peaceful ambience in your home for your self love session, why not light some candles?

Known for their soothing, healing properties, this simple act will make you feel like you’re back in your beauty therapist’s room.

Not only do candles have the loveliest glow that eases the mind, but they also tend to fill your home with gorgeous, long-lasting smells. Bliss.

Self Care Routine

7. Give Yourself a Facial 

The best way to pretend you’re in your local spa (and not at home) is to give yourself a makeshift facial:

If you follow these steps, you can kiss goodbye to any dryness and dullness, and instead say hello to brighter, hydrated and smoother skin.

8. Give Yourself a Manicure 

One of the most straightforward methods in terms of how to pamper yourself at home is to give yourself a manicure. 

Use the H&S Nail Kit in accordance with the below steps:

Personally, I’m loving spring hues like lilac, baby pink and mint green for nails right now. WBU?

9. Give Yourself a Pedicure

In addition to a home manicure, you could also give yourself a home pedicure when you’re unable to make it to the salon or you simply don’t have the funds.

Use the same kit I mentioned previously and follow these steps:

Oh, and if you’re worried about chipping your toes straight away (shoutout to fellow clumsy friends), you could keep your separators on for a while as you potter around the house.

10. Read a Good Book

Finally, self care doesn’t just relate to your beauty routine. It also relates to how you’re looking after yourself in all aspects of life. 

To look after your mind and give your brain some exercise, try reading a good book. 

Personally, I love curling up with some reading material at the end of my weekly self care routine. In fact, whether you’re a regular reader or haven’t read a book for years, I’d recommend the following page-turners:

(Fleecy blanket optional.)

How to Pamper Yourself at Home

Remembering How to Pamper Yourself at Home

Oftentimes, life gets in the way and we can forget to take care of ourselves. 

That said, it’s important not to let that happen.

I know it can be difficult to find the time or energy, but always remember that everybody deserves to be spoilt. And sometimes we have to be the ones who spoil ourselves.

What’s your favourite way to pamper yourself at home? Do you have any other self care tips? Thanks for reading!

Katie Davies is the Yorkshire-based freelance writer who founded The Trendy Tourist. In the last three years, she has written for over 100 companies on a range of subjects, from fashion to marketing. When she’s not producing content, you can find her shopping, exploring a new place or sitting somewhere having a cup of builder’s tea.

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  1. Thanks for sharing:) Pampering yourself once in a while is so much important and specially during this pandemic. Self care is what we really look for, when we are stressed out. This is a great way to pamper yourself and stay relaxed!

    • katie says:

      100%! I have to say, I’ve been pampering myself as much as possible lately just to stay de-stressed!

      Happy to help and thanks so much for commenting.

      K xo

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