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10 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travellers

January 29, 2020

Valentine’s Day tends to be an occasion that divides the nation.

After all, some people argue that you don’t need a day of the year to appreciate your partner. Whereas, others will say that these designated 24 hours are a great excuse to remind them just how much you care.

If you fall into the latter category and are looking to get your partner a little special something this year and you both love to travel, I’ve got some good news for you.

The following 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers say “I love you” without breaking the bank.

10 Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts for Travellers

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1. “Our Adventure Book” Scrapbook by Fun Sponsor – £13.98

Valentine's Day Gifts for Travellers

Valentines Day gifts for travellers 101: this is the cutest idea if you guys have already done a lot of travelling together or plan to head off into the sunset sometime soon.

Essentially, this item can be used as a scrapbook or photo album to showcase all your favourite travel memories.

And do you know what else? It’s beautiful and timeless.

2. Personalised Engraved Padlock by TSM Trading – £5.95

Valentine's Day Gifts for Travellers

A totally unique and yet undeniably awesome option when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers, this padlock can be engraved with a personalised message.

Whether you’re heading to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris in the near future or somewhere else that’s sentimental to you both, take this padlock with you so that you can leave your mark.

A romantic gift that also provides a fun activity? It sounds like a win-win to me.

3. Date Night Decider by UK Party Games – £3.99

Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This Date Night Decider makes for a great Valentine’s Day present if you’re currently travelling as a couple and spending a lot of time together and need to mix up your activities.

Simply spin the arrow to land on one of the 16 fun date ideas.

Completely original yet cheap as chips, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never be stuck on deciding what to do for date night ever again, whether you’re home or away!

4. Scratch Travel Map by Luckies of London – £9.99

Travel Scratch Map

An ideal option when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers who are more experienced, this scratch map allows your other half to scratch off the gold foil that covers the places they’ve visited.

It even comes in a compact tube that you can take with you as you travel!

5. Adventure Fund Money Box by Jones Home and Gift – £11.99

Adventure Fund Money Box

Saving money for travel can be challenging in this day and age.

That’s why your partner may appreciate this wooden-frame money box that has a wanderlust design.

And a bonus? It opens by sliding the back panel up giving you easy and quick access to your savings if you need them.

6. Travelling the World Survival Kit by SMILE GIFTS UK – £6.95

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

This small novelty gift is perfect for your other half if they’re about to travel and you promised that you weren’t doing presents for Valentine’s Day this year.

It’s a great way to wish them luck on their trip and let them know you’re thinking of them with each and every item included.

In addition, all items are placed in an organza bag, which includes a laminated label that highlights their significance.

7. Foods of Europe Scratch Map by Luckies of London – £12.70

Valentine's Day Gifts

If you like the idea of getting your travelling BF/GF/fiance/fiancee/husband/wife a scratch map but they haven’t ventured much further than Europe, I’ve got the exact solution for you.

This playful version allows you to mark off the finest gourmet foods of Europe that you’ve already tried.

And that’s not all. Each country is represented by its food speciality, which will make you want to taste them all.

8. Travel Laundry Bag by Kikkerland – £6.88

Travel Laundry Bag

If you’re into super silly yet incredibly practical Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers, look no further.

This small travel-themed laundry bag is extremely handy and compact with its built-in pouch, inner loop and carabiner. When folded, it will easily slot into a suitcase to help you conceal all your dirty laundry while you’re away.

9. Leather Journal Notebook by FYLINA – £7.64

Valentines Day Gifts for Travellers

Every traveller loves to journal about their adventures around the globe.

That’s why this 160-page notebook with a premium PU leather cover is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for your other half’s upcoming trip.

Not only is it good for writing, drawing and/or sticking down photos, but the craft paper is refillable for any future memories the owner may want to record.

10. Guardian Pocket Angel by Metal Planet Ltd – £6.95

Valentines Day Gifts for Travellers

Finally, one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers is this keepsake guardian angel.

It’s made from metal in the shape of an angel with an engravement of “Travel Safely” on the front and a tiny pair of wings on the back.

Packaged in a small white box, it aims to protect whoever wears it in their pocket, whether they’re heading near or far.

Investing in Other Valentine’s Day Gifts for Travellers

Sure, we all know that you don’t have to buy your Significant Other a Valentine’s Day gift for them to know just how much you care about them.

In fact, there are other ways to demonstrate your love that don’t cost a thing, such as:

That said, if you feel so inclined, the above 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers are small, affordable gestures that are sure to make them smile.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Travellers

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everybody! Do you have any other Valentine’s Day gifts for travellers in mind? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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