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What to Wear at Home All Day: 10 Outfit Ideas

April 8, 2020

Thanks to the C word, we’re currently being advised to stay at home much more than usual.

That said, whether you’re working, being productive with house chores or simply lounging around, it can be difficult to figure out what to wear at home all day.

Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable. But you want to look cute at the same time, right?

After all, oftentimes, just getting dressed provides the motivation you need to tackle the day ahead.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, read on for my 10 favourite loungewear ideas.

What to Wear at Home All Day

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1. The Loungewear Set

Firstly, what to wear at home all day 101: the loungewear set that is specifically designed for being lazy.

Whether this consists of tie-dye printed joggers and a matching sweatshirt or a plain sports tracksuit, one thing’s for sure: this option is just as comfy as it is stylish.

2. Leggings and an Oversized Jumper

Likewise, you can’t go wrong with jersey leggings (preferably in black so that they go with everything).

For instance, team yours with an oversized jumper or a snug sweatshirt for a classic loungewear look that’s always a winner.

3. Leggings, Cami and a Chunky Cardigan

Next, are you a leggings lover but want to wear something a little prettier on your top half? In short, consider a lace-trim cami complete with a chunky knitted cardigan.

As a result, this outfit is flirty, feminine and sure to turn the heads of your housemates for all the right reasons.

4. High-Waisted Jogging Bottoms and a Crop Top

Trendsetters who are wondering what to wear at home all day might want to showcase high-waisted neutral joggers and a short or long-sleeved crop top.

I mean, it makes sense given that the nineties are making a huge comeback for Spring/Summer 2020. (Millennials, rejoice!)

5. Jersey Flare Trousers and a Boyfriend-Fit T-Shirt

In addition, fellow fashionistas might want to get on board with jersey flare trousers as part of the hippie-inspired movement of SS20.

Personally, I like to pair mine with a boyfriend-fit t-shirt around the house (tucked in or loose depending on what kind of a mood I’m in and how many Tik Toks dances I plan to learn that day). 

That said, high-waisted jersey flare trousers also look boss with a crop top, bodysuit or even a regular-fit t-shirt. Did someone say groovy?

6. The Throw-On Lounge Dress

If you’re searching for something that you can just throw on in a hurry, look no further than the lounge dress.

For example, this could be in the form of a relaxed-fit sweatshirt or long cotton t-shirt with a drawstring waist.

Either way, this outfit always looks the most adorable when finished off fluffy slippers or boots.

7. Jersey Shorts and a Cotton Top

Additionally, is the weather getting warmer? Then you might want to choose jersey shorts and a cotton top as your go-to at-home uniform.

If this feels (or looks) a little dull to you, add interest to your aesthetic in an original way.

For example, opt for bright colours and unique prints that express your personality.

8. Jersey All-In-One

Fans of the old-school onesie, listen up — a jumpsuit or playsuit might be the way forward for chic yet cosy style.

Whether you prefer long or short sleeves, just make sure you stick to a jersey version. Fundamentally, nobody wants to feel trussed up in impractical fabrics around the house.

9. Oversized Button-Up Shirt

Moreover, for those days where you want to feel like you’ve made an effort, rock the oversized button-up shirt to channel effortless elegance.

(To clarify, perhaps a cheeky FaceTime with friends, colleagues or a love interest is on the agenda?)

10. Workout Clothes

Finally, if you’re still wondering what to wear at home all day, why not consider your workout clothes? (Especially if you plan to work out at some point anyway.)

For instance, soft vest tops, stretchy yoga pants and even sports bras are functional yet fashionable.

What to Wear at Home All Day: The Takeaway

In conclusion, because looking and feeling good go hand in hand, the trick is to choose the right loungewear outfit depending on what you’ve got planned for the day.

In other words, there’s no point wearing an oversized button-up shirt if you’re just laid on the couch watching Netflix and chilling (solo). Know what I mean?

Oh, and never forget your fluffy socks. They’re the ultimate way to feel warm and cosy for a day of not doing much.

What to Wear at Home All Day

Do you always know what to wear at home all day? What’s your favourite loungewear outfit? Let me know in the comments!

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