3 Winter Coats You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

February 1, 2018

No matter where you are in the world, you’re bound to feel the chill of winter somewhat.

(Unless you live somewhere like Florida – in which case, I’m incredibly jealous!)

That’s why it’s so important to bundle up during the colder months and wear as many layers as necessary. It’s all about retaining your body heat to prevent you from picking up any nasty illnesses.

A thick coat is a must, that’s for sure, but don’t just settle for any coat. Why not go for something snugly yet makes a statement?

Speaking of, here are 3 winter coats you just need to have in your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2017/18.

3 Winter Coats You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

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1. The Padded Puffer

Firstly, some might describe the puffer jacket as the creme de la creme of winter coats for AW17 – and those fashionistas would be right.

After all, this key piece is currently everywhere. It’s in your favourite independent shops, featured on major retailers’ websites and – heck – even worn by your neighbour Sue as she’s walking the family dog.

Comfortable and practical, yet seriously stylish, if you don’t currently own a puffer then you’re doing this whole fashion thing wrong.

Simply pair yours with skinny jeans, a slouchy long-sleeved top and stompy boots for a sassy wintry look that’s full of attitude.

2. The Leopard Print Pea Coat

Leopard print is an undeniable winter coats trend for AW17.

From the traditional brown and golden colour-way to the classy grey and black ensemble, you honestly can’t have too much of this darling print in your wardrobe right now.

Not for the faint-hearted, team your leopard print coat with a bright-hued jumper to ensure you stand out for all the right reasons this winter.

3. The Teddy Bear Coat

Lastly, perhaps my favourite coat of the season, all hail the teddy bear.

Rule 101 when it comes to teddy bear coats: the fluffier, the better!

Merely choose a neutral hue like cream or black for a look that emulates timeless elegance. Alternatively, go for a colour that’s little more out there to add interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

Personally, I like some white on white action, in the form of a white tunic-length jumper, black leggings and a white teddy bear coat dressed up with accessories. This way, the textures speak for themselves.

Either way, the teddy bear season is undoubtedly upon us, so you might as well embrace it with open arms.

Puffer Coat Leopard Print Coat Winter Coats

1. Red Puffer Jacket – NEXT (out of stock, similar here)

2. Leopard Print Coat – Topshop (old, similar here)

3. Teddy Bear Coat – Primark (similar here)

Adding Winter Coats to Your Wardrobe

If you’re thinking that your coat collection needs a little sprucing up before this wintry season is over then one of these three options is definitely the way to go.

It’d certainly be an investment that would pay off. After all, it’s pretty much guaranteed that these beauties will be making a comeback for AW18.

Which is your favourite out of these winter coats? Let me know in the comments below!

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