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How to Wear All Black for AW20

November 3, 2020

Halloween might be over for another year, but the good news is that you don’t have to stop dressing like Morticia Addams just yet.

One of the top trends for Autumn/Winter 2020 that’s sticking around is all black.

After first being seen on the runways of Valentino and Tom Ford, these fierce head-to-toe outfits are now trickling their way onto the high street.

Whether you’re usually a lover or hater of this bold hue, here’s how to wear all black to turn heads this season.

How to Wear All Black for AW20

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The Benefits of Wearing All Black

First things first, can we just talk about how brilliant black is?

I know fashionistas who love colour might shy away from wearing it.

That said, I personally love it because:

Even so, it can look too harsh if you don’t style it right.

How to Wear All Black

How to Wear All Black

Follow these guidelines to make a solid black outfit work for you this AW20.

1. Build Your Outfit Around a Key Piece

How to wear all black rule 101: pick a key black piece (or pieces) and build your outfit around them.

For instance, this might be in the form of a fluffy black jumper or a ruffled rara miniskirt.

If you’re new to wearing all black, you might want to persist with one of these key pieces and then add basics like black skinny jeans, a black cotton tee or a black wool pea coat.

Alternatively, if you’re well-versed in the world of black, you might want to mix and match your key pieces. (More on this next!)

Either way, keep in mind that all black outfit includes your shoes. Therefore, don’t forget to include them in your overall aesthetic.

2. Use Clashing Textures and Detailing

To prevent an all black outfit looking too, well, black, you can pick key pieces that have different textures.

For example, a black faux leather jacket looks sassy AF when paired with a black satin midi skirt, long-sleeved black knitted top and black chunky trainers.

To take your stylish ensemble one step further, opt for key pieces that have unique detailing as well as clashing textures.

For instance, a puffed-sleeve embroidered tunic dress is super cute with PVC boots.

Either way, don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s kind of hard to go wrong when you only have one hue in your outfit colour palette!

3. Add Tone Through Accessories

You can’t learn how to wear all black without learning how to accessorise all black.

To break up the hue and add dimension to your aesthetic, use neutral jewellery, bags, belts, scarves and hats (etc.).

Specifically, I’m talking about:

And it’s a good idea to stick to one colour family so that your all black outfit doesn’t suddenly become all black and white, for instance.

Personally, I like to include subtle hints of silver or gold in my jewellery, handbag hardware or shoe buckles, depending on what mood I’m in.

All Black Clothes How to Wear All Black for AW20

All Black Outfit Pieces You’ll Fall In Love With

Need extra help? These are some black outfit pieces I’m currently crushing on.

You can either wear them together or with items you already have in your wardrobe to epitomise classic chic.

Coats and Jackets







How to Wear All Black So It Never Goes Out of Style

An all black outfit sounds super easy to don (i.e. just throw on every black piece you own). However, it’s actually quite challenging to make it look fashion-forward.

Above all, just remember to add depth through varied fabrics, textures, detailing and accessories — and it won’t be long before you’re attracting compliments.

What’s your top tip when it comes to how to wear all black? Let me know in the comments!

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