American Fashion Staples Every Woman Should Own

March 23, 2017

Everybody knows that clothes shopping is great in the USA.

Not only does the dollar to pound conversion rate allow you to grab a bargain, but there just seems to be so much more variety out there, in terms of brands and designs.

And American fashion is known to be a lot more simplistic. It’s about classic cuts in high-quality fabrics.

Need more details? Here are 3 American fashion staples every woman should own to achieve that timeless American style.

American Fashion Staples

1. A Ralph Lauren Polo Classic White T-Shirt

American fashion staples 101: a Ralph Lauren Polo white tee.

Sure, a basic white t-shirt is considered a fashion staple worldwide. However, a Ralph Lauren Polo branded version is timeless in the USA.

In addition to being the perfect casual top that you can wear with blue jeans and comfy trainers, the superior quality of a Ralph Lauren Polo white tee means that you can also wear it for nighttime occasions.

Just add a black satin midi skirt, block-heeled sandals and a clutch bag for a cute yet simplistic aesthetic.

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt – RRP $29.99 – approx $20 on SALE (Shop Ralph Lauren UK HERE.)

2. A Pair of Levi Slim-Fitting Jeans

It’s no secret that every fashionista yearns for an ageless pair of blue Levi’s, whether they live in the USA, UK or Japan.

Why? Well, Levi’s originated in the States in 1873 when labourers required some sturdy overalls to wear to work during the California Gold Rush.

They then saw a resurgence in the 1970s when hippies paired bell-bottom versions with floral shirts to give a whole new meaning to the phrase “flower power.”

Nowadays, Levi’s are seen as iconic all around the world.

And I’m happy to say that I finally managed to get my hands on a skinny, ripped pair while visiting my boyfriend in Green Bay!

Levi's Jeans

Levi Jeans – RRP $54.50 – approx $27 on SALE (similar here)

3. A Coach Handbag and Matching Purse

Lastly, one of my favourite American fashion staples is a matching leather tote and purse from Coach.

After all, Coach is a US-based fashion company known for their dreamy handbag collections.

And you can’t go wrong with a leather tote. Whether you’re heading to your local shopping centre or meeting a friend for post-work drinks, this handbag style is just as modern as it versatile.

Just make sure you pick up a classic colour, such as black, white or tan, so that your Coach bag can be worn with any outfit and transcend seasons.

American Fashion Staples

Coach New York Handbag – RRP $295 – approx $95 on SALE

Coach New York Purse – RRP $150 – approx $40 on SALE

Investing in American Fashion Staples

If you’re heading to the USA anytime soon, why not stock up on these American fashion staples?

Be sure to check out designer outlet stores so that they don’t break the bank.

Also, choose your items wisely. After all, they’re bound to be in your wardrobe for seasons to come.

American Fashion Staples

(Please note that this post was produced in collaboration with Ralph Lauren.)

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