3 American Fashion Staples You Should Own

March 23, 2017

Everybody knows that the shopping is great in America.

However, with the dollar to pound conversion rate being pretty poor at the moment, I wasn’t sure if I would strike lucky with obtaining any bargains during a recent trip to visit my Sconnie boyfriend.

I needn’t have worried.

Here are 3 American fashion staples I picked up that every woman should own.

American Fashion Staples

American Fashion Staples

1. A Ralph Lauren Polo Classic White T-Shirt

American fashion staples 101: a Ralph Lauren Polo tee.

Even though my parents practically live in this brand, I’d never owned anything Ralph Lauren before. Therefore, I was super excited to see this classic white v-neck t-shirt with the cute little RLP logo on sale at the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh.

I had a classic white t-shirt in my possession from ZARA until recently (I made the mistake of taking it backpacking and had to throw it away) so I was very excited to be able to have this iconic staple back in my wardrobe again.

Who doesn’t love a classic white tee? And at $20, it was a steal!

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt – RRP $29.99 – approx $20 on SALE (Shop Ralph Lauren UK HERE.)

2. A Pair of Levi Slim-Fitting Jeans

Believe it or not, this is the first pair of Levi jeans I’ve ever owned – even though I have been to America a handful of times in the last nine months (and on several occasions in my lifetime)!

It’s no secret that I’ve always yearned for a pair of Levi’s but I’ve never been able to actually afford them. Until recently.

(Hello, clearance section of Kohls at Bay Square Park mall in Green Bay! My new friend!)

I decided to invest in this lighter blue pair with ripped knees – a perfect addition to any gal’s summer wardrobe as we head into SS17. Winning!

Levi's Jeans

Levi Jeans – RRP $54.50 – approx $27 on SALE (similar here)

3. A Coach Handbag and Matching Purse

I’m absolutely in love with my final purchase and it’s definitely one of my favourite American fashion staples.

It’s true that I’ve been wanting a designer handbag for a long time as I didn’t previously own a designer handbag. The closest thing I had was my Fossil handbag from when I used to work in the UK head office.

As my Fossil bag is black, I thought I would go with tan for my Coach bag (another timeless colour). At one third of the recommended retail price, there was no way I could pass on the opportunity to buy this little number from the Oshkosh Outlet Mall.

And then I just HAD to get the matching purse. Because, you know. When in Rome.

Coach Handbag

Coach PurseCoach New York Handbag – RRP $295 – approx $95 on SALE

Coach New York Purse – RRP $150 – approx $40 on SALE

Investing in American Fashion Staples

I don’t understand how other holiday-makers can visit America and not leave with a suitcase full of shopping. It’s like, impossible! (To me anyway.)

Sure, we’re lucky that there’s a lot of American brands easily accessible in the UK, but the prices are never as purse-friendly as buying from the source.

Since I don’t plan to be back in America for a little while, I thought I’d stock up on these American fashion staples while I could. And I’m one happy lady right now.

(Please note that this post was produced in collaboration with Ralph Lauren.)

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