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How to Wear Summer Polka Dots for Every Occasion

July 22, 2020

Polka dots are one of fashion’s most-loved prints for Spring/Summer.

Not only is the polka dot pattern timeless and chic (did you know that it originated in the 1940s?), but it’s also incredibly versatile.

After all, nowadays, polka dots come in a variety of different sizes, bold colours and fun ensembles.

And because of this, you can wear them for practically any occasion. Rockabilly fans, rejoice!

Whether you’re popping to the shops or heading out for drinks with your girls, here’s how to wear summer polka dots stylishly and effortlessly for years to come.

How to Wear Polka Dots for Every Occasion

For Casual Wear

First things first, if you’re new to the trend and want to dip your toe in the polka dot water, why not start with a straightforward spotty accessory?

For instance, a colourful polka dot belt or headband can break up a neutral dress or add interest to your go-to jeans and tee casual combo.

Alternatively, choose one key polka dot piece and build your outfit around it. This could be:

Either way, don’t be afraid to let your polka dots stand out and do the talking this season.

SS19 Polka Dots

For Smart-Casual Occasions

How to wear summer polka dots 101: as a way to dress up your look for a smart-casual event.

I’m talking about those occasions where your outfit needs a bit of pizzazz (and pronto) to set you apart from everybody else.

This might be for work or play, but one thing’s for sure: anything mediocre simply won’t do.

It’s all about pushing yourself out of your fashion comfort zone to get gorgeous results.

How to Wear Summer Polka Dots for Every Occasion

To Go OUT Out

Lastly, if you’re wondering how to wear summer polka dots to adopt the “more is more” aesthetic, get experimental and mix up your patterns.

From diverse sizes and colours to different print-clashing combinations, it’s all about wearing your spots in new and exciting ways to create a kitsch, modern look.

And even though the black and white varieties are the most popular and classic colourways, you can easily revamp the polka dot print by opting for unusual hues.

Rich, summery colours, like bright orange, sunshine yellow and sky blue, look cool and quirky as the backdrop to white polka dots. Pastels are also a dreamy take on the trend.

Either way, choose a hero piece for your night OUT out in the form of the following:

Then team it with block-heeled sandals, sparkly jewellery and some serious attitude to channel ultra-cool chic.

Red Polka Dot Dress

How to Wear Summer Polka Dots: The Takeaway

Ultimately, I think we can all agree that old-fashioned spots are a thing of the past. Polka dots are now considered a staple print for the Spring/Summer season. 

And there are so many ways you can wear them, regardless of your personal style and budget. 

That said, the only way that you’re going to find out which kinds polka dot prints work for you is by playing around with a range of options.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to join the polka dot revolution.

What’s your favourite tip in terms of how to wear summer polka dots? Comment below!

Katie Davies is the Yorkshire-based freelance writer who founded The Trendy Tourist. In the last three years, she has written for over 100 companies on a range of subjects, from fashion to marketing. When she’s not producing content, you can find her shopping, exploring a new place or sitting somewhere having a cup of builder’s tea.

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