What to Do in Thailand for a Week (As a First-Timer!)

February 25, 2017

Thailand: a Southeast Asian country famous for its beautiful beaches, opulent temples and ancient ruins.

If you’re heading there for the first time pretty soon, you should be excited. After all, nobody has ever said or will ever say the words “I don’t like Thailand.”

There’s something about the country that’s so unique and charming. And did I mention that the warm, sunny weather, gorgeous sunsets and fun nightlife makes it a cracking holiday destination?

Being someone who has been all over the country twice in the last few years, read on to find out what to do in Thailand for a week as a first-timer.

What to Do in Thailand for a Week

Island Hop in the Gulf of Thailand

What to do in Thailand for a week 101: island hop, of course! I mean, there’s a reason why this is a popular option for backpackers and luxury holidaymakers alike.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui lies just off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus and is one of the most easily accessible Thailand islands.

From Bangkok, the flight to Koh Samui lasts just one hour. From there, you can get ferries from Koh Samui to the surrounding islands.

However, make sure that you stay on this charming little island for at least one night. It has some pretty palm-fringed beaches, mountainous rainforest and a fun backpacking scene.

There’s also the 12-metre tall Big Buddha statue to check out at Wat Phra Yai Temple. Take it from me, it’s quite the spectacle.

Koh Phangan

A short ferry ride away from Koh Samui, Koh Phangan is known as the party central of the Gulf of Thailand.

From bars and restaurants aplenty to the famous Full Moon Party, be prepared to get very little sleep on this warm and friendly island.

But that’s okay. The beaches are super beautiful and serene – and make for the perfect place to relax on hungover days.

Pro tip: Check out the Jungle Experience in addition to the Full Moon Party. It’s like a mini festival in the middle of the jungle – and so much fun!

What to Do in Thailand for a Week

Koh Tao

Wondering what to do in Thailand for a week as a scuba diving fanatic? Get yourself to Koh Tao which is renowned for its tropical coral reefs and marine life.

I actually preferred this island to Koh Phangan as soon as we stepped off the boat, because everything is much more compact and closer together (therefore, cuter!).

It’s also home to Sairee Beach, which has the softest sand and sea so warm that it feels like you’re stepping into the bath. It’s truly gorgeous and a treat for the eyes!

Koh Tao Beach

Island Hop in Southern Thailand

If you literally spend one night in each place, you can also island hop in Southern Thailand as part of your week-long trip.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is my favourite island in the country because of its stunning beaches and varied nightlife.

I also love the fact that nobody drives on Phi Phi, so you’re encouraged to walk around the island and explore the characteristic backstreets.

Pro tip: take a longtail boat to the neighbouring Maya Bay (where The Beach was filmed). Ask to go to Monkey Island on the way back for a rather enjoyable morning trip.

Koh Phi Phi


Even though I’ve yet to personally venture to Phuket, I hear wonderful things about this mountainous island in the Andaman Sea.

The main resort town of Patong is supposed to have great beaches and nightlife. And Phuket City, the capital, is full of history with its old shophouses and busy markets.


Visit Bangkok

From either of the island clusters, you can grab a ferry and coach package that takes you to Bangkok so you can explore the delights of the capital.

Bangkok is everything you expect it will be and more! It’s a crazily busy city that doesn’t really sleep and you can’t walk down a road without being spoken to about something.

Khao San Road is known as the main touristy street full of restaurants and watering holes, but you can also find more prestigious cocktail lounges and rooftop bars in the CBD.

Oh, and don’t miss out on the shopping mall. There are so many stores and market stalls where you can pick up a bargain (or five!).

What to Do in Thailand for a Week

Figuring Out What to Do in Thailand for a Week

Going island-hopping and heading to Bangkok will quite easily fill up a week of your time (or maybe even two!).

However, if none of those places tickle your fancy, you can also travel to the north of Thailand to see the amazing city that is Chiang Mai or the mountain village of Pai.

Either way, you’re bound to have an amazing time and make lifelong memories. And who knows, you might just decide to extend your trip!

Do you have more of an idea of what to do in Thailand for a week after reading this post? Or suggestions? Let me know!

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