Why You Need to Visit Ao Nang Beach

February 22, 2017

A resort town in southern Thailand, Ao Nang Beach is the touristic hub of Krabi – and it sure is worth a visit.

Known for its Andaman coast beachfront, scuba diving sites and nearby limestone islands, there are so many reasons why you might fall in love with Ao Nang Beach as soon as you arrive there.

And here are just a few of them.

Visit Ao Nang

How to Get to Ao Nang from the UK

First things first, getting to Ao Nang from the UK is possible, it’s just a long journey.

To start with, you need to take a direct flight from London to Bangkok via Thai Airlines, EVA Air or British Airways. Alternatively, from the north of England, you’d need to fly from Manchester to Dubai and then Dubai to Bangkok with Emirates.

You can then hop on a domestic flight from Bangkok to Krabi. And the good news is that there are multiple of these flights available on a daily basis.

From Krabi International airport, the final step is a road trip to Ao Nang in one of the following ways:

But trust me, you’ll enjoy it once you get there!

Visit Ao Nang Krabi

Things I Love About Ao Nang

The main things I love about Ao Nang are as follows.

1. The Beach Itself

Surprisingly, the layout of Ao Nang Beach reminded me a lot of Miami Beach.

It had a busy road running parallel to the main beach not too dissimilar to Ocean Drive, which was also packed with shops, bars and restaurants.

What about the beach itself, I hear you ask? Well, it’s less well-maintained and a bit rougher around the edges compared to South Beach, but it still oozes character and charisma.

Ao Nang Beach

2. The Nightlife

In terms of nightlife, there’s a cluster of bars known as Ao Nang Center Point down a backstreet off of the main road opposite the beach. Here you’ll find fellow backpackers and holiday-makers aplenty.

It’s true that it takes a little while for the atmosphere to get going at night but, once it does, it makes for a really fun time!

My sister and I had a favourite bar called Cairo Nights which had drink offers every night and was always buzzing.

Krabi Sunset

3. The People

Finally, the people you come across in Ao Nang Beach are really nice.

As well as like-minded, down-to-earth travellers, you’ll also find friendly locals in abundance.

And you know what they say: sometimes the people make the place what it is!

Backpacking in Thailand

Visiting Ao Nang Beach for a Short But Sweet Trip

My sister and I only spent three nights in Ao Nang, but could easily have stayed five.

In fact, we heard of many people going on the Four Island Tour which we missed out on. This is where you visit four nearby islands in one day – and they’re supposed to be beautiful.

However, other than that, we did manage to cover all bases. And we thoroughly enjoyed our time in this pretty coastal town.

Visit Ao Nang Beach

Would you ever visit Ao Nang Beach? Let me know in the comments!

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