5 Things to Do in Door County

June 1, 2017

Door County, Wisconsin: a pretty peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan in the USA known for its cute little towns, long shoreline and many parks.

In fact, the places in and around Door County are that beautiful, they look like they’ve jumped right out of a postcard.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 5 things to do in Door County and see for yourself.

5 Things to Do in Door County

How to Get to Door County from the UK

First things first, getting to Door County from the UK is a wee bit complicated.

You need to fly to Chicago with American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines or Aer Lingus. From Chicago, you can get a connecting flight to Green Bay (there are usually between 10 and 15 flights between to the two cities daily).

Once you’re in Green Bay, rent a car and drive to your destination in Door County. From Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay (which is essentially the first town you come across in Door County), the driving time is roughly one hour.

How to Get Around Door County

Again, car rental will be necessary to get around Door County. You can choose from one of the following companies:

Another option is to purchase tour tickets through Door County Trolleys. There are a number of different tours available, including:

And even though I’ve never done one of these trolley tours personally, I hear that they’re super fun!

Things to Do in Door County

Top Things to Do in Door County

Without further ado, here are the top things to do in Door County, whether you’re there for a day or weekend.

1. Casey’s BBQ Friday Night Fish Fry

Let’s get one thing straight: if you don’t participate in Friday Night Fish Fry then are you even in Wisconsin?

(It’s a well-known ‘”thing” in this state that you aren’t going to get away from, no matter how hard you try.)

And Casey’s BBQ in the adorable village of Egg Harbor does a crackin’ one.

Perch? Yum. Potato salad? Yum. Homemade coleslaw? Extra yum!

Friday Night Fish Fry

2. Stay at the Hilltop Inn in Fish Creek

In terms of where to stay, check out Fish Creek.

It looks like those typical small American towns that you see in TV shows and movies (i.e. super adorable!). And the fact that it’s right on Lake Michigan with its own harbour makes it positively peaceful and serene.

My boyfriend and I stayed at Hilltop Inn specifically, which features two-bedroom houses complete with their own bathrooms, kitchen and living areas.

In addition to being spacious, well-kept, and homely, these houses also have their own fireplace in the living area and hot tub in the bath!

It really is a no-brainer.

Fish Creek

3. Visit the Wineries

Another one of the most popular things to do in Door County is visit a few of the many wineries in the region.

In fact, the first time we were in Door County, Nathan took me wine tasting at 10am. That’s right, while most people were waking up on their Saturday off work and having breakfast, I was getting a little too merry on multiple samples of wine.

(But that’s just Wisconsin!)

If you’re a fellow wine connoisseur, be sure to check out Door Peninsula, Harbor Ridge and Stone’s Throw Winery, in particular. You can thank me later.

Things to Do in Door Country

4. Eat Breakfast at Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay

If you’re a foodie looking for things to do in Door County during your weekend away, make sure you visit Sister Bay.

Not only is it super pretty with beaches lining the bay, but you can admire the scenery from one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to on the waterfront.

Step forward, Al Johnson’s: a quirky yet traditional Swedish brunch spot.

Here, conventional American breakfasts are given a European twist, there are a variety of drinks on offer and the customer service is unparalleled.

Whether you decide to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s definitely an eatery that’s not to be missed!

Al Johnson's Sister Bay

5. Soak Up the Nature

Lastly, if you want to see Lake Michigan in all its glory while you’re in Door County, take a scenic drive through Bailey’s Harbor. You’ll be able to park up right on the edge of the lake and photograph it until your heart’s content.

And because of the multi-tonal blue water and golden sands, its beauty is simply breathtaking on a clear day.

Similarly, the Cave Point County Park is situated in Sturgeon Bay and features cool underwater caves, hiking trails and limestone cliffs.

It’s well worth a wander for any nature lover.

Things to Do in Door County

Making the Most of Things to Do in Door County

Along with the above suggestions, the towns in Door County have some pretty decent shopping. We spent a good amount of time browsing the independent stores and local boutiques during our two days in the region.

Whatever you decide to see and do, the bottom line is that Door County is seriously great.

And even though I only spent a weekend there, it’s one that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Have you ever been to Wisconsin? What would you recommend in terms of things to do in Door County? Let me know in the comments!

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