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Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks That Are Functional

August 5, 2020

With the number of COVID-19 cases rising globally, there’s new evidence to suggest that face coverings can offer significant protection against the spread of coronavirus.

As a result, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made mask-wearing indoors around other members of the public mandatory in the UK.

Those who fail to do so will be fined up to £100 on the spot.

Needless to say, mask-wearing is now a habit that we all have to adopt to keep ourselves, and others, safe.

That said, you don’t have to stick with the clinical-looking coverings if you don’t want to.

Read on to find out where to buy fashionable face masks that also get the job done.

Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks That Are Functional

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Things to Consider

First things first, keep in mind that a good cloth mask should filter air well and also be comfortable to breathe through.

According to the World Health Organization, it should have three layers:

In fact, always double-check that a mask has three layers before you even about buying it. This will ensure that you’re getting triple the protection.

Different Types of Cloth Face Masks

There are several different types of cloths that are being used to manufacture face masks.

However, the most popular ones are:

The types of face mask that are considered “stylish” tend to be the cotton and polyester varieties.

Why? Well, both of these fabrics can be printed on and they are machine-washable.

That said, I highly recommend sticking to mostly-cotton masks because they’re much kinder to your skin. They’re also higher in quality and will last longer (no matter how many times you put them in the washing machine!).

Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks

Without further ado, here’s where to buy fashionable face masks that can finish off your outfit perfectly while keeping you protected.


American vintage marketplace Etsy has numerous sellers offering face masks.

Having said that, you have to dig around to find high-quality cotton varieties.

I searched “triple layer cotton face mask” and found the following:

(Thank me later!)


Liberty of London

Designer department store Liberty of London is known for its luxury fabrics, quirky homeware and quintessentially British prints.

And they certainly haven’t strayed too far away from their values with their fashionable yet functional face masks.

Made from 100% tana lawn cotton that’s been treated to be water-repellent and breathable, their face coverings can be washed up to twenty times without any degradation to its anti-bacterial properties.

However, at the time of writing this, the individual options are out of stock. You can only purchase the Set of Five for £40. 

But, rest assured, these high-quality face masks would be worth the cash!

Liberty of London


Known for their affordable on-trend pieces, online retailer ASOS is offering a super pretty yet practical face covering bundle.

For instance, this ASOS DESIGN Pink Floral Face Covering is made from 100% cotton and comes with a matching pouch and scrunchie.

And did I mention that it’s only £12? Winning.

ASOS Face Coverings


Another place where to buy fashionable face masks that you might not expect is Casetify.

This phone case and tech accessories brand currently has a “buy a mask, donate a mask” scheme. So far, they’ve donated over 35,000 to Direct Relief and frontline workers.

Awesome, right?

In addition to being made fro breathable cotton, Casetify’s reusable cloth covering comes in a range of sleek colours.

Personally, I’m loving the pastel pink one as a summery addition to my wardrobe!

Casetify Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks


Multinational online retailer Amazon has a couple of triple-layer 100% cotton face coverings that can be classed as stylish.

Although, I honestly thought they’d have more options.

Either way, whoever said that you needed to break the bank to stay safe?


Lastly, second-hand marketplace eBay is another option in terms of where to buy fashionable face masks.

Like with Etsy and Amazon, just search “triple layer cotton face mask” for the best results.

I managed to find the following:

The choice is yours!

 GoldenGrassUK Fashionable Face Mask Sharobenne0 Where to Buy Fashionable Face Masks

Tips for Buying Fashionable Face Masks Online

It’s all well and good knowing where to buy fashionable face masks in the UK.

Having said that, you have to be careful with any online purchase.

Here are my top tips for when you’re shopping for face coverings digitally:

And remember, even when you’re wearing a mask, you still need to practise good hygiene. Social distance, wash your hands frequently and follow government guidelines so we can work together to put an end to this pandemic.

Protect Yourself in Style

Even though it initially seems like fashionable face masks are out of reach, there are several places to buy them online from the UK.

Be sure to spend the time searching for the one you really want.

In my opinion, a printed, triple-layer, 100% cotton face covering will last the test of time and still look fabulously stylish.

Do you know any other places where to buy fashionable face masks in the UK? If so, comment below!

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