3 Reasons to Try Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter

August 11, 2017

There’s a relatively new product in the makeup and beauty world.

And it balances out your complexion, slims down your face and defines your cheekbones – all at the same time.

No, it’s not some kind of sorcery. It’s just highlighter.

But more specifically, I’m talking about the Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter by Kylie Jenner.

I may have raved about their lip kits in the past but I now think that Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter is even better! And here are 3 reasons why.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter

1. It Comes in an Array of Dreamy Colours

First of all, I got my mitts on the Salted Caramel shade, but Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter is also available in Strawberry Shortcake, French Vanilla, Chocolate Cherry, Banana Split and Cotton Candy Cream.

(And yes, the shades sound good enough to eat, right?)

The Salted Caramel variation is a warm beige hue and looks incredible over the top of your daily bronzer or blusher.

Three words: I’m in love.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter

2. It’s Easy to Apply

In addition, the smooth, powdered texture of Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter means that it sits nicely on the skin without that disjointed, caked-on look.

The Salted Caramel shade, in particular, looks more prominent when applied with a highlighter brush. However, you can simply use your fingers if you don’t have one to hand.

It also comes in a cute little compact with a mirror, which is very useful for when you’re out and about and feel like you need a top-up.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter Salted Caramel

3. It’s Super Pigmented

Lastly, I love how pigmented this product is. Applying a small amount creates a super shiny aesthetic.

Just highlight directly above your cheekbones, under your eyes, down the middle of your nose, in the centre of your chin and in the middle of your forehead to emphasise your facial features in the most flattering way.

Also, make sure you apply a few layers using the “stroke” movement for long-lasting coverage.

Katie Davies UK Freelance Writer  Katie Davies Beauty Blogger

Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter Makes Your Cheekbones Pop!

Whether you’re spending the day shopping with the girls or heading out for a romantic meal for two, Kylie Cosmetics Kylighter makes the perfect addition to your cosmetics collection.

I’m seriously crushing!

Have you ever tried this product before? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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