Colour Pop ‘Bianca’: A Liquid Lipstick Review

June 8, 2017

Last summer, a new beauty brand seemed to burst onto the UK blogging scene. All of a sudden. Out of nowhere.

At first there were only mere whispers of this LA-based cosmetics company, but then gradually more and more bloggers became aware of them. And the more bloggers shouted about them, the more people seemed to join in the conversation.

There was no mistaking it – and all of the recognition consisted of good vibes only.

If you haven’t heard of Colour Pop yet then where have you been?

I had my first little bundle shipped to me directly from the States a few months ago, and I have been wearing the makeup in excess ever since.

Once I realised how amazing the matte liquid lipsticks are (and being a matte liquid lipstick superfan), I decided to review my current fave. Read on to find out why Colour Pop ‘Bianca’ is capturing my heart like no other makeup product right now.

Colour Pop Bianca

Colour Pop ‘Bianca’: The Hue

First of all, can I just say that the mauve hue of ‘Bianca’ is seriously dreamy. It’s a great alternative to the classic nude lipstick and compliments whatever colour your outfit is.

As well as being sassy and stylish,  it makes so much more of an impact than a simplistic nude shade without going overboard. I’m in love.

The Application

The super creamy formula and the magic wand of Colour Pop ‘Bianca’ make it incredibly easy to apply – and you get really good coverage even if you only put on just a little bit on.

When it comes to the pigmentation, the colour never seems to be compromised (living up to the brand’s name of Colour POP) and it stays on your lips for a good whole day.

Honestly. It just doesn’t move when I wear it. Not one inch.

Colour Pop Bianca

The Packaging

Another bonus is the super simple yet sleek packaging. You can either store the tube in your makeup box as it is or you can keep it in its box giving it another layer of protection.

Either way, the tube is of a decent size and I can see it lasting for months to come.

Colour Pop Bianca

Colour Pop Bianca

Colour Pop ‘Bianca’: An Every Day Essential

There was one period of time over Christmas where I was just wearing this matte liquid lipstick constantly.

In fact, I still like to apply Colour Pop ‘Bianca’ every day as a way to dress up casual outfits or to coordinate with a fabulous dress.

And at $6 per lipstick, you can’t really go wrong – can you?

Colour Pop, I salute you!

Katie Davies Colour Pop Bianca

What do you think of Colour Pop ‘Bianca’? Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comments!

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