5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him or Her

September 29, 2017

In an age where we’re completely overwhelmed with choices on a daily basis and everybody seems to have everything, something as simple as deciding on your other half’s birthday gift can feel super stressful.

Not only do friends and colleagues always ask you what you’re getting for them, but thanks to social media, we constantly feel the need to compare ourselves to others.

That said, there are some gifts you can buy for either gender that are considered fail-safe classics.

From jewellery to experiences, here are 5 of my favourite birthday gift ideas for him or her.

5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Him or Her

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1. A Purse or Wallet

Birthday gift ideas for him or her 101: Nothing beats the smell of fresh leather when you tear open your birthday gift’s wrapping paper.

Women, in particular, love a good purse – especially if it’s by one of our favourite designers.

Wallets are also a handy birthday gift for men as they’re used on a day-to-day basis.

And sure, choosing the right wallet for the special man in your life can be quite a challenge, but I find that using Walletisland helps. This is a website that reviews a variety of men’s wallets and collates the best options on the market to make the buying process a breeze.

2. Perfume or Aftershave

Apparently, if we wear a nice scent, it makes us more attractive.

Perfume or aftershave is one of the top birthday gifts for him or her as it’s a treat for both you and them!

Plus, there are some really nice, luxury bottles out there by different designers that would make the perfect present.

3. A Watch

Most people think that you have to break the bank if you buy your loved one a watch as a their birthday gift. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth!

If you’re feeling a bit strapped for cash, simply check out some brands on the high street.

River Island does some lovely watches for women, and NEXT is constantly on-it when it comes to statement men’s timepieces.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Him or Her

4. Tickets to an Event

Buying your other half tickets to an event you know that they’ll like is one of my favourite birthday gift ideas for him or her.

Especially if they’re not really into material things.

Whether it’s taking them to see a musical theatre show or the band they love in concert, or even whisking them away on a romantic weekend, it’ll be money well spent for the both of you!

5. A Photobook

Lastly, buying your other half a photo-book of your time together for their birthday is not only a sentimental present, but it’s thoughtful and really shows that you care.

Another bonus point? You can totally get one on a small budget!

Just check out websites like Amazon and eBay.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Him or Her

Even though there are plenty of present options in the digital age, you can’t go wrong with these timeless birthday gift ideas for him or her.

However, whatever you decide to go for, always remember that it’s the thought that counts!

What are your favourite birthday gift ideas for him or her? Let me know in the comments below!

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