Highlights of Miami Beach: Where to Stay and What to Do

August 17, 2016

A south Florida island city, Miami Beach is quite simply stunning.

It’s the perfect location to go on holiday as there’s so much going for it. Sunshine, palm trees and the beach – what more could you ask for?

Miami Beach is also renowned for its art deco district, Ocean Drive and pretty pastel-coloured buildings.

For all of these reasons, I was excited to visit for the first time with my sister in 2016. And the trip certainly didn’t disappoint!

Highlights of Miami Beach

How to Get to Miami Beach

First things first, getting to Miami Beach from the UK is pretty straightforward.

You can grab a direct flight from London through Virgin Atlantic, Norwegian Air and British Airways. Or, you can take two flights and connect via Dublin.

Either way, you’ll arrive at your destination in around nine hours.

How to Get Around Miami Beach

Once you’re in Miami Beach, you can get around in the following ways.

Helpful, right?

Miami Beach Harbour

Where to Stay

The wonderful thing about Miami is that there are quite a few options in terms of where to stay, whether you’re looking for a budget hostel, Airbnb or luxury hotel.

Needless to say, your decision all depends on the type of holiday you want.

Top Highlights of Miami Beach

Now that you know how to get there, how to get around and where to stay, let’s talk about my personal highlights of Miami Beach!

1. South Beach

Stretching along the entire east coast of Miami Beach, the soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters of South Beach are what makes it one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever laid eyes on.

During the day, you can expect it to be packed with all nationalities, ages, shapes and sizes up for letting their hair down and having a good time.

In essence, be prepared for one big PARTY on the beach!

Highlights of Miami Beach Florida

2. Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is road that has one side lined in palm trees overlooking South Beach and an array of cafes, bars and restaurants on the other side.

Oh and did I mention that the cafes, bars and restaurants are AWESOME in terms of food, drink and atmosphere? The only thing is, be prepared to pay for the location.

Pro traveller tip: Miami Beach is quite expensive in general. It’s not really the type of place you can or want to backpack around. Treat it as a luxury holiday and you won’t go far wrong.

3. Shopping

Whether you shop ’til you drop in the luxury boutiques down Collins Avenue or fill your boots in the high street stores at Lincoln Road’s outdoor mall, Miami Beach offers the best variety of shopping.

Don’t be surprised if you part with even more money because you can’t resist that cute little bikini or cover-up for the beach. (Guilty as charged.)

Highlights of Miami Beach Collins Avenue Ocean Drive

4. Nightlife

Granted, the Miami Beach nightlife is quite similar to Las Vegas in terms of exclusivity.

That said, it’s worth trying to make contact with the right promoter because they will sort every night out for you.

My sister and I were lucky because we got to go to LIV nightclub and see Steve Aoki DJ during our time in the city. We also got to go to Justin Bieber’s PURPOSE world tour official after-party at STORY nightclub, which was equally as amazing!

5. Duck Tours

Lastly, another of the Miami Beach highlights is a duck tour.

What is a duck tour, I hear you ask? Well, it’s basically a tour in a duck boat, so you get to see the city by land and water.

We paid something like $30 and had a very pleasant afternoon on a duck boat, soaking up the gorgeous scenery whilst our tour guide performed what can only be described as a one-man-show.

It was such a laugh, as well as being educational, and definitely something I would recommend to anyone about to visit Miami Beach for the first time.

Duck Boat Miami

Miss the Highlights of Miami Beach, Miss Out

Overall, we had such a fun time during our week in Miami Beach and it’s definitely somewhere I’d consider going back to on a luxury holiday.

Even if you only manage to do one of my recommendations, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. That’s just the Miami vibe.

Have you ever been to Miami Beach? What did you think? Thanks so much for reading!

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