5 Reasons Why Koh Phi Phi is So Popular

February 28, 2017

Now, everybody that I’ve ever met who has visited Koh Phi Phi in Thailand raves about it.

Yes, RAVES! It’s not just a: “Koh Phi Phi is cool” kind of situation. No, it’s more like a: “OMG Phi Phi is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and where DREAMS are MADE! It’s ALL YOU’D EVER WANT IN LIFE AND MORE!”

And I’m not even joking.

To be completely honest, Nic and I were eager to see what all the fuss was about before we ventured there for a few days during our 2017 Thailand trip.

Was Koh Phi Phi going to be as dazzling as everybody makes out? Would it be able to live up to the hype? Could it really change our lives forever? (Spoiler alert, the answers are: yes, yes and HECK YES!)

Here are 5 reasons why Koh Phi Phi is so popular.

Koh Phi Phi Beach

1. There Aren’t Any Roads

The lack of roads and cars means that Phi Phi is the most unique island in this sense.

I honestly didn’t realise this was going to be the case when Nic and I rocked up off the ferry hot, tired and sweaty with our backpacks ready to hail a taxi to get us to our hotel. As we made our way off the pier into the chaotic streets of Phi Phi, we took a look around and it suddenly dawned on us… Hey, WHERE ON EARTH are all the cars?

Oops, we totally missed that memo.

However, as luck would have it, our hotel was only a 15-minute walk away. In fact, the main touristic part of the island is very easy to walk around as the streets are compact and only cover a small area.

As a result, it gives the island a rather cute, community-like feel, which is pretty difficult NOT to fall in love with.

2. The Night Life is the Most Lively

Next up, there’s no denying that the partying on Koh Phi Phi is something else.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a partying expert – and I haven’t been everywhere in Thailand. BUT out of the places I have been to, Phi Phi wins for the night life hands down!

I find it difficult to describe when people ask me why the Phi Phi partying is so good. All I can say is that it’s just a feeling, an attitude, a vibe that you get when you’re out there. Everybody is there to enjoy themselves and have a good time, meaning that the atmosphere is electric as a result.

Pro traveller tip: my favourite night life spot, if you’re interested, was a live music bar called Kongsiam. Imagine a bunch of tipsy tourists from all over the world, swaying and singing along to classics such as Oasis’ “Wonderwall'”or Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.” Put it this way, it certainly does not disappoint!

3. The Beaches Are Some of the Prettiest EVER

Even though I’ve been to a lot of beaches around the world, thanks to Koh Phi Phi, I have a newbie on my favourites list! Step forward, Loh Dalam Bay.

Why? Well, the water is the clearest light blue, the sand is the softest white and the bay overlooks pretty islets on the horizon.

The only downside to this beach is the amount of tourists on it at any given time; but if you get there early before any partygoers have arisen, the view is simply breathtaking!

4. Maya Bay and Monkey Beach Are a Longtail Boat Ride Away

Speaking of breathtaking, the island where The Beach was filmed (you know, the year 2000 movie with Leonardo Di Caprio) is a short boat ride away from Phi Phi.

You can take a tour there in a small group of about 10-12 people and it not only stops off at Maya Bay, but it also goes to Viking Cave where you can snorkel if you so wish before finishing up at Monkey Beach.

Monkey Beach is literally what it says on the tin, a beach where a load of monkeys live and roam around, and it sure is a sight to behold!

When it comes to Maya Bay itself, it’s unbelievably beautiful – definitely one of the most stunning spots my eyes have ever seen!

Pro traveller tip: do one of the tours first thing in the morning before the majority of people are even awake. Yes, it’s a bit of stinger getting up at 6am when you’re on holiday but, that way, you will have the place to yourself and get some gorgeous photos that will make it all worthwhile.

Maya Bay

5. There’s a Tattoo Shop on Every Corner

Finally, there is something really important that you need to know about Koh Phi Phi. Every man and his dog decides to get a tattoo on Phi Phi because tattoo shops out there are literally like Starbucks cafes in America – there’s one on every corner.

As Nic and I were toying with the idea of getting a tattoo for a while, we decided to adopt the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality! #WhenInPhiPhi

And do you know what? I have no regrets.

Figuring Out Koh Phi Phi for Yourself

Obviously it’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea, but I really think that Koh Phi Phi is the most fun island that I’ve been to in Thailand so far.

Between the beaches, nightlife, excursions and atmosphere, it not only meets expectations, but exceeds them. And I highly recommend the island to anyone travelling around Thailand in the future.

Tattoo Shop Koh Phi Phi

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