5 Things to Do in Cancun (As a First-Timer!)

August 10, 2016

Cancun: a Mexican city renowned for its beaches, nightlife and luxury resorts. And a popular location for American universities’ spring break period.

Before my second tour around the US with my sister in 2016, I’d never been to Mexico. However, I’d always wanted to visit Cancun because various friends and acquaintances told me how amazing it was.

My verdict? The beach is exceptionally pretty. The nightlife is fun. And I can’t comment on the luxury resorts because I stayed in a budget hotel.

However, I still had a good time during the few days that we spent there. Read on for 5 things to do in Cancun if you’re a first-timer.

1. Go to the Beach

Things to do in Cancun 101: head to Chac Mool Beach. This is in the prestigious Zona Hotelera region. And I’ve never seen the colours so rich on a beach before in my life.

I remember seeing my friend’s photos when she visited Cancun and the backdrop looked insane, like it had been painted on. The sea, in particular, just looked the most amazing colour.

In real life, it was just as blue – SO blue, in fact, that it looked like it’d been applied with its own personal Instagram filter. Not to mention, the sand was lovely and golden. And soft on the tootsies.

Needless to say, I instantly fell in love.

Things to Do in Cancun

2. Go to Coco Bongos

Cancun has a decent nightlife with the ultimate highlight being the Coco Bongos club.

You mean, there’s a place on earth that’s a cross between a nightclub and a theatre show where you can dance on tables and play with balloons? Sold.

Seriously, if you don’t do anything in Cancun, go to Coco Bongos. You buy your ticket ahead of time which includes entry and drinks all night – and it’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Coco Bongos

3. Walk Around the Town

Coco Bongos is situated in a rather touristy area where you can find plenty of bars, restaurants and even a McDonald’s. There’s even a shopping mall should you feel the urge to grab a bargain or two.

It’s fun to walk around as and when you can stand the heat, of course (Cancun gets notoriously hot and humid).

We found that sunset was the perfect time to explore as it wasn’t too hot and we got to see pretty skies. Bliss.

Cancun Sunsets

4. Eat!

Another of the top things to do in Cancun is eat at one of their many restaurants. The food is as cheap as chips and it’s seriously better than you’d ever imagine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with how much things would cost in Cancun, but I was honestly pleasantly surprised. The exchange rate from pounds to pesos is better than dollars to pesos at the moment, so we found that food was less dear than we imagined (which meant that we could have more of it)! #Winning

I’d always wanted to have an authentic Mexican meal as I’m a big lover of fajitas, quesadillas and enchiladas – and, trust me, it was SO worth the wait!

mexican food

5. Drink!

Quick disclaimer: the tequila in Mexico is ten times stronger than in any other country.

Obviously with Mexico being the home of tequila, we just had to sample the drink both in cocktail and shot form. The mistake that we made was sampling it in shot form all night one night on top of other drinks.

Always drink responsibly, people.

In all serious though, if you like Margaritas like me, you’re going to love being in Cancun. They’re spot on and always leave you wanting more.

Things to Do in Cancun

Making the Most of the Things to Do in Cancun

All in all, we really enjoyed our week in Cancun.

It’s somewhere that I would consider returning to when I’m older and married. Perhaps to stay in one of the five star hotels and do nothing for a week with my other half.

And to go back to Coco Bongo’s, of course.

Things to Do in Mexico

(Have you been to Cancun before? What did you think? Katie-xo)

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