7 Reasons Why I Love Chicago

August 31, 2016

Situated on Lake Michigan in Illinois is an amazing metropolis known as Chicago.

Known for its museums, iconic skyscrapers and dyed green river during St. Patrick’s Day (yes, really), Chi-town is one of the largest cities in the U.S.

I first visited the city while I was travelling around America with my sister in 2016. Since then, I’ve been twice with my Wisconsinite boyfriend in transit to or from Green Bay.

And do you know what? Chicago has vastly become come one of my all time favourite American cities for a number of reasons. Read on to find out why I love Chicago.

1. The Buildings

Firstly, the skyscrapers, architecture and general skyline are extremely impressive in Chicago. It looks and feels like New York City’s sibling. (And who doesn’t love NYC?)

Reasons Why I Love Chicago

2. Willis Tower

Speaking of Chicago’s stunning skyline, there’s an observation deck at the top of the Willis Tower which will give you the most PERFECT view of the city.

One of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, there’s even a glass ledge that protrudes outside of the building. You can stand or even sit down on this – which feels kind of scary, I might add – but it captures the best photographs.

3. The Food

Another reason why I love the Chicago is the food.

Sure, you can get every cuisine imaginable in this city. However, whatever you do, make sure you try their famous deep-dish pizza. This is a standard pizza cooked in a deep dish pan with about 2984 layers.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. But keep in mind that it’s a struggle to get through just a slice of this pizza, never mind the whole thing. It’s YUMMY though.

There’s also some cute little cafes that you just HAVE to visit, including The Original Pancake House that does every kind of pancake breakfast you can think of. #GetInMyBelly

4. The Bean

Located in Millennium Park and perhaps one of the most touristic attractions of Chicago, the Bean is definitely worth a visit.

Basically it’s a giant steel sculpture, called ‘Cloud Gate’ but nicknamed due to the shape being like (you guessed it) A BEAN.

It’s definitely cool to see if you like art as it has an interesting reflection of the skyscrapers surrounding it. You can also walk directly under it and use the shape to play with your reflection for some pretty unique photos!

5. Oak Street Beach

Chicago is the only city I’ve been to so far in this world with a beach that just comes out of nowhere when you’re making your way through the skyscrapers.

OH HEY, SAND – didn’t see you there.

There’s something so awesome about having your photo taken overlooking a beautiful beach on the edge of Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline directly in the background. I’m in love.

Reasons I Love Chicago

6. The Shopping

One of the top reasons why I love Chicago is because you can get anything you want on Michigan Avenue, whether luxury goods or high street bargains.

Therefore, be warned. If you want to walk the length of it, you can expect to be shopping all day long. (Sounds perfect, right?)

Reasons Why I Love Chicago

7. Navy Pier

Another reason why I love Chicago is Navy Pier. If you’ve ever visited LA, it’s a bit like Santa Monica Pier where you can find rides, bars and restaurants all on one strip at the water’s edge.

It’s always busy and bustlin’ no matter what time of day, and has a great view of the city.

Endless Reasons Why I Love Chicago

Whichever way you look at it, Chicago is beautiful both morning and night.

I’m obsessed with all the little things the city has going for it and I can’t wait to return again soon so we can continue our love affair.

But, for now, it’s been emotional.

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